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In case you are looking for a detailed TXTVideo Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading since I composed an in-depth review of TXTVideo Software to discover everything about it, It has features, TXTVideo OTO details and how This Brand New Video Technology will Enable You To Produce PRO, Stunning Text-Story Videos & Market In A Unique, Fresh + New Approach On Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook!

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TXTVideo Overview:

  • Creator: Jamie Ohler
  • Date Of Launch: 2018-11-15
  • Time Of Launching: 11:00 EDT
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Bonuses: Yes 6218 Bonuses
  • Recommended: Recommended that was 100%
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who’s The Creator Of TXTVideo?

Jamie Ohler is a well known name in the area of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software like Fusion by DropMock, DropMock Scene Creator, Socializer and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind TXTVideo?

The attention span of the people online keeps getting smaller and smaller, and they expect marketers to catch them in the first few seconds of introducing something.

That’s why videos have become a popular method of marketing as they are known to capture people’s interest.

Businesses are using videos to sell products and showcase their brands.

But what if you could get a certain way of getting the attention of your audience ?

Your video should be all about entertainment.

Can you capture people’s attention without the fun factor being included in your videos?

It is not possible.

Video marketing works when the fun factor is introduced by you in it.

To stick out from the rest and get your video go viral and to create involvement levels, you need to introduce fun elements.

The best way to do this is by making a story.

And not just any narrative – by creating a text narrative,.

How many times have you seen relative or your friend even a stranger sitting next to you, or smiling after receiving a text in their telephone?

Do not worry, human beings were made to be interested; you are not the only one who is longing to see why your friend, relative, or even a stranger sited next to you is smiling at their phone.

1 way to make people smile and spark curiosity among everybody else is via videos.

Your audience can’t ignore these videos; it is becoming a rage- it is entertaining, enjoyable, and thoroughly engaging.

Art is combined by videos with selling at a way that is non-intrusive.

For entrepreneurs, this is priceless; warmth your audience with a carefully-crafted text-story video which looks genuine, but completely fictional.

This will help them pass the message in a way.

Imagine having the ability to convey your message in this way – this is possible with TXTVideo Software…. .

And we will talk about this software, and this is our TXTVideo review, today.

So, What Is TXTVideo?

This is software that helps you create videos that will help you catch your audience on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

This software was authored by Jamie Ohler, a renowned online marketer who has authored many software programs.

This program combines SMS Text Messaging with technology to offer you a market advantage.

It is one of its kind software, and your audience will like your way of marketing.

Can TXTVideo Software Work?

Step 1- Login to TXTVideo:

Once you’re logged in, you can now begin to create your TXTVIDEOs.

Just pick an image, and change the name of this picture.

You are permitted to customize others things as well.

Step 2- creating a movie from your story:

You can make the look like it’s between your client and you or your client with a sales representative.

You could create 2 fictional characters that are related and speaking.

In this step, you have all of the freedom.

Therefore, be relatable and as personal when texting someone as the person would usually be.

Use usual texting lingo; don’t be too formal.

Step 3- Download and share with your audience:

Your audience needs something engaging, and story-text video will inform and entertain them.

Just sit back and watch it go viral.

TXTVideo Features:

[+] Easy dialogue creator:

In full control of what your videos that are text-story will have, you’re with TXTVideo.

There are conversation scripts supplied; change anything to your liking and just pick a conversation script.

The conversion part is in your hands.

You control how it is being said.

Words are powerful, and if used correctly, they can spark the ideal emotions and trigger a response.

You may create your audience buy something they don’t need simply because of your choice of words.

This software gives you the power to where you want it to go to direct your conversation.

It is possible to make it lean towards creating demand for your goods or talk about a new feature of an existing product you just introduced.

You may create any conversation.

[+] Completely customizable conversations:

TXTVideo is all about perfection.

The TXT Video team understands that things matter and can have an influence on your business.

They made each conversion script customizable.

Change the display pictures of the persons you are chatting with, their titles, the time, their battery status sign, etc..

This makes your conversations unique and authentic.

The conversation scripts in this software were created by designers and copywriters that are experienced and skilled.

They know what is going to work and understand the industry.

[+] It’s cloud-based:

There are no limits or bounds when it comes to running a business. Businesses are no longer restricted to a particular location.

There are no limitations companies are operating 24/7. There are seldom off-days.

TXTVideo team made this software meaning you can get it from anywhere. Download or you don’t need to install anything.

You only require a system that can connect to an internet connection and an internet connection and you’ll be able to access your dashboard.

[+] Simple and fast video rendering:

The audience that is current is consuming content at a rate that is faster than before.

Their attention spans are getting shorter and shorter than previously.

To keep on their thoughts, you need to always create content that suits them.

TXTVideo modern technology makes rendering videos 10X faster and simpler than anything else.

Once you create the conversation you need and customize it to your liking, you just need to click”Render Video.”

You don’t need to wait or keep refreshing your videos as download is almost instant.

This software allows you to download your videos with onto computer or your tablet.

You can download and save it once the video has been rendered.

You will get to enjoy these and many other features.

What is included?

You will get conversation scripts which you can easily customize.

These can help you create text-story videos .

[+] Bonus Training:

This is to help you get the most out of this program.

[] 5 Bonus Templates:

These are designed to help you diversify your discussions.


Q1: How many text-stories can create with this software?

There’s absolutely not any limit to the number.

You can create as many as you like.

Q2: Can I market the tales?

Yes, but you will need to upgrade to make this feature available.

Commercial permit is being given by the TXT Video at no cost, but this offer is for a limited time.

Yes, you can get in touch with the TXT Video dedicated support at any time that you want.

Q4: Can I get TXTVideo?

This software will be available for a few months after which you’ll be asked to pay monthly fees. Therefore, take advantage of this fee that is one-time offer to avoid paying recurring fees later on.

Q5: Are there any hidden costs?

No. The purchase price is as you see it on the TXTVideo page.

TXTVideo Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About TXT Video & the others tools of The creator:
This looks to use in video! Love to check its effect!
Stephanie Trahd
Well this is quite interesting…the ability to convert a text message into a movie is awesome for all advertising needs. Thing in furthering the conversation how useful this will be like. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.
Eugene Maxey
Jamie, I cannot wait to get my hands on this. This going to be huge!
Arnold Brownridge
I thought text based messages are out of style now but you set a new life into text. Wow, Amazing!
Tanveer Ul Islam
I have seen this used on Facebook and it’s very entertaining! I can see applications .
Kathy Magrish Mason
Hey Jamie, what a cracking idea. I am just picturing the quantity of work required to produce one of those txt videos in Camtasia for example, (that would be loads then The thought of automating it makes me happy.
Billy Bifter
This is an app that is wonderful. I can see this is going to be a significant marketing boost for local companies during the holiday season.
Brian K Saunders
Jamie Ohler is AWESOME no way! Ever since I got into the DropMock merchandise I never had any regrets about buying it. Jamie, not only has a passion about this product, but also to all. I’m a member of many groups of products I have bought in the past, but I need to saythis group here is where I interact the most! A BIG shout out to Martin Dela Cruz, Lee Pennington, Jamie Ohler, and the rest of the DropMock team that have made a pleasurable experience.
William Smith
TXTVideo OTO OR Upsells:

It is true it is important to have the perfect tools when it comes to advertising.

Starting off on the right foot is so that you may make a good first impression, just what you want as a marketer.

That TXT Video Elite Member was brought to you.
This upgrade will allow you to know everything about marketing messages…. .

[+] It comes with professionally designed templates which guarantee:

These templates are sent to you on a monthly basis.

They are designed by an in-house team of professional and committed competitors

7-figure and experienced copywriters and marketers design the conversation scripts and are sent to you.

[+] With this upgrade, you can create videos that last around 30 minutes to keep your audience

Do you want to attract and property? Well, the TXTVideo Business Toolkit is for you….

This upgrade will provide you with instructions and advertising materials you need to make your company thrive.

This Elite Agency Toolkit will give you step you need to launch your TXTVideo product that is new.

It can allow you to solidify deals with people that are wanting to create text stories.

OTO#3: TXTVideo Extensive Bootcamp Training ($97)

Finally I strongly recommend you to receive your Copy of TXTVideo?

Are you ready to embrace the hottest video technologies available for small business owners and entrepreneurs?

A Video technology that is currently blowing views, prices, shares and likes on social media completely out of the water while forcing newbie type of movies to go viral. .

That’s right, even newcomer video creators can have massive success with this new video technologies.

TXTVideo is hot and for the first time it’s now available to you to entertain, engage and above all profit from this change in marketing.

TXTVideo is the video production tool that you need today to start creating these fun with entertaining, engaging and gain producing videos right away.

The best part is that it is simple, You can create a video in under two minutes by subsequent 3 steps;

=> Step one:

Log in to the cloud-based software

Upload your picture and change the name

=> Step 3:

Insert your text dialog and then, click Save and that is it.

This is a unique and rare first to market chance for you and your company to capitalize on this video marketing shift.

This is one of its kind software you ought not lack as a marketer.

It will not only help you keep your audience but also will help you keep your brand relevant.

When you are only needed to pay a fee that is one-time grab this opportunity at this time and own this program.