The following is a visitor blog post written by Fahad Muhammad, the Content Manager in Instapage, a landing page software company that considers “each promotion needs a page.” He writes about marketing trends, conversion optimisation, copywriting & user behavior on the Instapage blog.  

What do a SaaS company & a bookstore have in common?

It is the fact that both businesses aim to build & nurture better relationships with their customers.

How do you begin to build a relationship with your customers? Start with the email address.

In accordance with McKinsey & Company, “Email conversion rates are 3 times higher than social media, with a 17 percent higher worth in the conversion.”  As soon as you have their email address, you have a legitimate method of contacting them. Emails typically like a longer lifespan than, say, an occasional tweet/Facebook post.

Email marketing opens up various opportunities for your business. That is a fact every marketer will agree on. The tricky part, the part most marketers & bloggers struggle with, is building a substantial email list.

How do you get customers to opt into your email list providing personal information? How do you convince prospects that you are trustworthy?

The WayInstapage Grew Its Email Subscriber List

InInstapage, we understand the importance of a client’s email speech, which is the reason why we spend countless hours trying to come up with strategies that help us catch as many email addresses as you can.

We truly think that the way to our customers’ hearts is through their email addresses. That is why we have multiple email list-building campaigns running concurrently.

The wonderful thing about these strategies for you is you could duplicate each one to build your list.

List Building Strategy #1: Our Gated Webinar Landing Page

Each Wednesday, Instapage’s Marketing Educator, Ander Frischer, hosts a webinar: “Master Instapage in 30 Minutes.” The aim of this webinar is to:

  • Familiarize new Instapagecustomers with our landing page builder
  • Attract potential clients showing them how easy it is to make landing pages together with Instapage

We use a very simple landing page layout for our webinar page.

If you notice, there is no form on the page. We did that on purpose because we did not want to scare away prospects by asking too much. Instead we preview the webinar using the bullet points on the page, telling them what they will learn from the webinar. Those that are interested then click the CTA button, this is what they see.

Bang. This short form helps us collect emails (generate leads).

2-step opt-in forms are a good way to build email lists because they do not go for the “ask” right away. They warm up the prospect, and go for the sale.

List Building Strategy # 2: The Blog Pop-Up Box

The Instapage blog has a substantial visitor count each month, so we decided to leverage our blog’s traffic & use it as a strategy to develop our email lists.

So we made an exit pop-up.

The exit pop-up is pretty simple & straightforward. As soon as a blog visitor tries to leave the page, the pop-up looks, encouraging them to “Get New Content From the Instapage Blog.” Implementing this did not take very long and it has been very effective at growing our email list. The pop-up has been active for 3 months & has collected more than 2,500 email addresses.

List Building Strategy # 3: Strategically Placed Sign-up Forms

How can you collect more eggs than everybody else on Easter? You receive more baskets.

We did not want only a pop-up to collect as many email addresses as you can from our blog’s traffic. We also put lead magnets at the beginning & end of every blog post. Every blog category has its own lead magnet which gives customers the chance to download an information packed PDF & gives us the chance to collect an email address.

This how the lead magnets look on a blog post, a blue horizontal banner beneath the featured image.

Featured below is your screenshot of this landing page visitors see if they click on the ‘35 Best Landing Page Tips’ lead magnet.

There’s a 2-step opt-in form on the page, that asks visitors for their name & email address.

Instapage has a total of 10 lead magnets to date &because their publishing have been able to collect roughly 13,466 leads.

List Building Strategy # 4: Our PPC Landing Page

We love to make landing pages because they continue to be an excellent way for us to collect email addresses & generate leads.

The page has 3 calls to action, benefit-oriented copy, images that convey our software’s ease of use, and ultimately persuading them to convert on the CTAs. You will notice we chose the 2-step opt-in on this page as well because it proved to be successful on the webinar registration page.

The outcome? Approximately 6,200 signups in 3 short months!

As you could see above, the next step in the process shows visitors why it is a great reason to sign up for Instapage with social proof. By entering their email address, prospects cangrow to be a member of a community of 300,000 marketers.

Wrapping Up

Email list building isn’t that difficult if you implement the right techniques. It is just a matter of testing & determining what works best with your brand’s customer.

Proven plans that help you build your email list include:

  • Making the opt-in form very obvious to see & convert
  • Not heading directly for the “ask”
  • Being lively with your forms
  • Giving prospects something precious first
  • Telling prospects “what is in it for them”

Corresponding along with your email subscribers on a regular basis is very important. Engage with your subscribers regularly even though it is just to ask what they are up to.  Send them an automatic thank you email as soon as they sign up to reveal true appreciation & begin building a relationship. Email your subscribers new offers & special trials first when they become available so there is less of a chance they unsubscribe from the list.

Wish to collect more emails from your forms? Try these plans and analyze the results until you are satisfied – and keep refining to achieve even better results!