Did you know that it’s also a time for some of the biggest business holidays of the year? Black Friday, Cyber Monday, even the majority of Christmas shopping. (That is right, fall does not end until December 20th!)

So while it might be tempting to start planning for Black Friday, consider this: Consumers spent nearly seven billion dollars on Halloween alone in 2015. Now that is a lot of candy corn.

The most frightening holiday of the year is more than just child’s play, it is Americans’ third favorite holiday & a chance to connect with your email audience in a fun & effective way.

Ready to create a spooktacular Halloween email plan? Here are 4 of our favorite Halloween email trends to get you into the holiday spirit.

  1. Beautiful & Meaningful Images

Halloween is a nostalgic time for most people. Just think back on days where you dressed up as your favorite TV show character or superhero. You just cannot help feeling a little sentimental, can you?

Subject line: Hurry to SAVE on Halloween! 20-40% OFF ’til midnight

If your emails could make people feel something, you are going to connect with them in a meaningful way. This email from Pottery Barn Kids does that with an image that is cute & fun – and makes you want to buy a costume for your kid right now (yourself, no judgments).

Check out more beautiful fall email plans on our Pinterest page.

  1. Descriptive Subject Lines

We are giving Kohl’s an A+ for their use of fun & informative subject lines.

Subject line: Boo-yah: Save 35% on Halloween costumes & accessories until noon!

By creating a sense of urgency, subscribers are encouraged to open right away so they do not miss out. Sale FOMO is real.

They also hint at the discount customers could expect to receive & what specific items are on sale. Before even opening the email, readers could get excited about their possible purchases & big discounts.

We also love their cute and creative verbiage. Do not be afraid to get a little pun-ny this season. “Boo-yah”, anyone?

  1. Click-worthy Content

A good subject line gets people to open your email, but good content is what gets them to click. Entirely Pets does this by including pictures, titles & short descriptions for a few of their Halloween dog customers.

Showing off what’s in stock directly in the email give customers a sneak peek at how cute & affordable the costumes are. The bright orange call-to-action (CTA) buttons below every costume grab your attention & link readers to the exact item they are interested in.

Subject line: If you have got it, haunt it (with free shipping!)

  1. Headline & Subject Line Harmony

Have you ever opened an email expecting one thing, just see something entirely different when you open the email? It is off-putting.

If your subject line does not align with your email content, subscribers are more than likely to cancel your email, or worse, mark it as spam. Yikes!

To avoid this worst-case scenario, use headlines with large text to catch everyone’s attention right away & make sure your headline works with your subject line. It is a good practice when it comes to deliverability, but it also increases the occasion that your subscriber will actually read & click on your email.

This email from Williams-Sonoma uses a simple headline that reinforces the message of the subject line and it plays on the Halloween theme & explains the value of their sale. A win-win.

Subject line:? Trick-or-Treat! 30% Off Halloween Tabletop, Candy, Bakeware and More

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