With the work that goes into affiliate marketing, creating compelling content for your audiences is often a forgotten piece of the puzzle.

But you can be missing out on a huge opportunity to drive referrals: According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing & generates around three times as many leads.

When you create valuable content for your audiences and include affiliate links to the brands you are referring, it opens up the opportunity to get in front of new audiences & convert new sales.

To help kick-start content creation for your affiliate marketing efforts, here are four tactics you can get implement today.

Blog articles

Writing a blog post that talks about your experience with a product/service can be a powerful way to share your endorsement towards a particular brand to readers. And many affiliates do just that as a way to educate others & encourage referrals.

Try writing a “how-to” blog post on a topic you are passionate about/an expert on. If creating video content is too daunting, writing a simple article could be an easy first step to creating engaging content for the affiliate marketing efforts.

Writing a simple article can be an easy first step to creating engaging content for your affiliate

In this blog post example, Syed Balkhi of wpbeginner does an excellent job teaching his audience about what it takes to begin a podcast.

To sharing best practices for podcasting, he includes his favorite products to help make it happen. Wherever he does, he ensures to include his affiliate link along with the product or brand name. This way, he will get referral credit whenever someone clicks a link.

As you think of ways you could craft content for your readers (and promote referrals), consider how you could get testimonials from others to improve your recommendations.

In the post from Blog Tyrant on how to start a food blog, the author provides valuable instructions & quotes from someone who had gone through the experience as well.

The author made sure to include affiliate links to products he recommends.

Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are powerful tools for marketers, businesses & influencers – and especially affiliate marketers who’re looking to drive new referrals.

As you create a new content (like the kind mentioned throughout this article), your social networks can be great places to distribute it to your followers & other audiences.

Here is a social post from the blog 99Signals, who shared a blog post that highlights tools & resources for growing a blog audience.

Within the blog post, they share the affiliate link for a few of the products they recommend checking out.

As you craft your social posts, also consider how you could leverage industry-specific and popular hashtags. By adding them to the ends of your tweets & posts, you could expand your reach for those exploring content on the hashtag.

In the tweet from the popular daily deal site, Brad’s Deals, it features hashtags to get their blog post in front of larger audiences.

As you explore hashtags to add to your posts, make sure they’re relevant to the content you share. Otherwise, it could come across as spammy.

While there’re many ways to create content to help educate your audience & drive referrals, I encourage you to select one tactic to try. As you learn what works and what does not, you can make improvements to tailor content for your specific audiences – and hopefully earn more commission.



  1. Creating engaging contents is an awesome way of bringing in new audiences and converting leads. I used to believe that creating an engaging content is a herculean task not knowing that it’s quite easy with the right guide. I can’t wait to record my first podcast.